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To forgive

“Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. ” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Finally we are moving.

We had been residing in official quarters but now that my dad retired we are shifting to our own home.

It’s been weeks since we started packing. Clothes, books, curtains, sheets…..and on and on.

Some days I get so tired that I feel like this life and this world are not real. “It’s just a trap, nothing real, just an illusion” I say to myself.

Today was the final day of packing. The packers and movers came in, started their job and everything continued monotonously. Then suddenly “CRASH…. BOOM….POOF”!

We rushed to the drawing room to see that one of the guys (packer) had carelessly handled our tube light. As a result it went crashing down on the floor, burst out like a bomb, it’s pieces flying everywhere in the room.

The other guys started to scold him. Apparently the guy who did this mistake was new. Poor guy.

Well what now? Should we shout at him? Should we create a scene? Should we get him fired?

Well we didn’t react like that. Not even a slight amount of anger. Seriously.

At that point he started to explain himself. Was ashamed of what he did and most importantly he felt sorry. But as he continued to blabber my mind shifted to a train of thoughts.

“How many times have we shamelessly committed a mistake and never felt sorry for it? How many times have we broken others lights….. or maybe hearts? Did we ever go back to see how they were doing after that? Did we ever say sorry? ”

I got a broom and started to sweep away the broken pieces. Gathered them in a garbage bag and threw it away. We charged him nothing. Didn’t scold him. Didn’t shout. Just didn’t discuss the topic anymore. We carried on like nothing ever happened.

We forgave him. Gave him a chance. Gave ourselves a peace of mind.

Thinking back now there are so many people whom we have hurt knowingly, unknowingly. There are so many others who hurt us, very bad, and left like nothing happened. But did we let that stop us?

Many a times although the clouds of sadness tried to overshadow us we pierced through it like the rays of the Sun.

Today we could have fired that guy but what then? He would end up jobless. Will I be happy with that? No! Because I know the pain of being jobless, I know the pain of being hurt.

We all have been through these situations, hurt some people, while some others hurt us. But holding a grudge, getting a revenge never helped a soul. In forgiveness we find peace, in forgiveness we find ourselves.

Have a great day everyone!

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2 thoughts on “To forgive

  1. Forgiveness is so important. I don’t understand those who say thy can never forgive certain people. By not forgiving we are allowing the one who wronged us to still have power over us.

    When my wife and I moved into the house we now live in, one of the movers broke her vanity. He never said a word about it. We discovered it after they had left. My wife called the office and spoke with the owner. Neither of them apologized. Nor did they give us a discount. Shameful. But we let it go.

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    1. Exactly. Forgiving makes us the bigger person.


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