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Blazing Summer

Hello readers! Welcome to another lazy summer afternoon.

When the heat outside is soaring and no wind is blowing it seems like the earth has come to a halt.

It’s almost mid July and summer is at it’s peak. Have a look at these pictures to feel the heat.

Burning bright

Symmetrical with shadow

Peeping through the greens

Standing tall

A pigeon quenching it’s thirst

Summer is incomplete without the fruits. Let’s see what we have here.

Young guava, yet to mature

Mighty jack fruit! The ground literally shakes when one of these falls

Time for me to call it a day. Enjoy your day as I relax and chill.

Summer never felt this good. I promise to be back very soon. Until then take care everybody.

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. “- John Mayer

[Feel free to comment on how you want me to improve my writing. Also let me know whether you liked the presentation. Thank you for reading. ]


2 thoughts on “Blazing Summer

  1. Great pics. We haven’t had any rain in a while. My grass is all yellow, looks like hay and is so coarse, it hurts to walk barefoot.

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    1. Here too. No rain in the past few days. But luckily enough the grass doesn’t become coarse. And when it finally rains there’s flood.


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