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Through the window

“There’s a world out there. Open a window and it’s there. “ – Robin Williams

Hello everyone!

No one can imagine a house without windows. I regard the window as ‘the other door’ , because as soon as you glance out be it day or be it night you easily get carried away into a different world. A world though very small that it fits in your mind but still very large to encapsulate you and your life.

Some people prefer arch windows, some people prefer bay windows but come in whatever shape or size it does act as a door to our thoughts.

I still remember how during the overnight journeys I used to stare out the window of the bus when everyone else had fallen asleep and notice the moon change its position again and again as the bus changed its direction. It felt like the moon had been following us.

Again at home when I sit down to work on my desk I am instantly attracted to the garden that I can see through the window. How the sun dances through the leaves, how the leaves dance to the wind, birds bathing in tiny little puddles after a heavy rain, rain clouds rolling in the sky, I can go on and on.

I confess that I get distracted rather very easily. But who can not notice the beauty of nature? I definitely cannot pull down the shade on this one.

This couple had been living on our rooftop for a couple of years. Here they are seen basking in the sun.

Finally this innocent game of light and shadow that I could luckily capture coming through the window. Here I am sharing it with you all.

Dear readers, this is the beautiful life that we are living in the lap of nature. There is beauty to be found everywhere. Let us learn to appreciate it and look at the brighter side of life.

Hope you all enjoyed it and have a lovely day!

[Feel free to comment. Suggestions are welcome. ]


2 thoughts on “Through the window

  1. Love this post. Wonderful photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ACountryBoy thank you for appreciating.


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