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Our Green Friends (Part – 2)

Hello and welcome dear readers! Today’s post is a continuation of my previous blog “Our Green Friends (Part – 1)”. You can find and read what i had shared there by clicking on this link : Our Green Friends (Part – 1)

Today we are here to discuss about a herb (creeper) that has medicinal uses. It goes by the scientific name of Bacopa monnieri. So the plant of interest today is the “Brahmi” a.k.a “Herb of Grace”. Let’s have a look at this green glory.

  1. Brahmi / Herb of Grace :


These plants are perennial and require a soil that can hold water (preferably wetlands). They can grow in water too! Given the right environment they can flourish like the grass.

Brahmi is very famous in India as the herb that boosts memory. It can be consumed as ‘chutney’ or nowadays many companies are manufacturing tablets and syrups for ready consumption. If you pick Brahmi from your garden make sure that you wash it thoroughly before consuming. 

What are the benefits of consuming Brahmi? How are they helpful to us humans? That is what i will describe below:

  • It acts as an anti-oxidant. Nowadays everybody is aware of how anti-oxidants protect our cells. Thus helps slow down ageing.
  • It increases blood flow to the cerebrum (brain).
  • In Ayurveda (system of medicine) it finds its use as a treatment for asthma, epilepsy, leprosy, etc.
  • Improves skin and hair health. Brahmi paste/oil is readily available in the market.
  • Most famous for its good effects in fact enhancement of memory, intellect and concentration.
  • It helps relieve tension.
  • It improves our quality of sleep.

These are some of the health benefits of Brahmi. It’s efficiency has been proved by many scientific research conducted in the previous years and still many research are being carried out to prove its helpfulness in the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.


Before concluding this post i would like to say something to my readers. Brahmi is a medicinal herb and if consumed in excess quantity may produce side effects which are few. To avoid such consequences it is best to limit its usage in our diet or get a professional advice from a medical practitioner. It is also best to know beforehand if you are allergic to some specific substances. Otherwise Brahmi is safe for consumption.


Having said this i would like to conclude my post here for today. I hope you find this content helpful. I will come back again with another green friend of ours. So stay tuned for whats coming next.

If you want me to improve anything or want to suggest me something then feel free to comment. I will be happy to receive suggestions.

Until then take care everyone. Have a good day ahead! Lastly remember – Green and let green.

Thank you all for reading.






3 thoughts on “Our Green Friends (Part – 2)

  1. Interesting. Never heard of this herb before. I believe there are many herbs and plants that have medicinal properties. We really need to get back to this and not pop so many pills.


    1. Yes. This is very famous in India. It has been consumed by people since ages.

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