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Our Green Friends (Part – 1)

Hello and welcome dear readers. Today we shall learn about something that we have been silently ignoring.

Ever since our economy began shifting from agrarian to industrial we have seen a rapid decline in the world’s green (plants) population. Major cities and townships are mostly concrete with little or no green in and around them. This never bothered us (humans) until now.

Why do people develop breathing disorders? Why is our air getting polluted? Why is there not enough rainfall?

Strangely enough all of these questions can have the same answer……… there is an alarmingly less number of green around us.

Today let us learn about a few plants that can actually purify the air around us and the important part to know is that they are NASA recommended. Let’s start!

  1. The Variegated Snake Plant / Mother-in-Law Tongue :


Our green friend (above) also goes by the name of :

  • Snake plant
  • Viper’s Bowstring Hemp …………… besides many others.

It’s rather peculiar name arises because of its sharp tongue like shape (mother-in-law tongue), its scaly snake like appearance (snake plant) and yes it’s fibres were once used to prepare bowstrings! I have this “Hahnii” variety which you all can see is distinguished because its shorter, bushier and has a bird’s nest type feature. But the important thing we are here to discuss is its air purifying capacity.

Snake plant as air-purifier :

  • The major air toxins that it filters are : Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Trichloroethylene and Formaldehyde.

What are these? Where do they come from? 

These toxins are easily being released in the form of cigarette smoke, smoke                         released from vehicles, etc.

  • The process of purification is simple if we don’t delve much deeper into the chemical processes involved. The pores of the plant (used for gas exchange) take in these toxic gases and as a result give out pure oxygen for us.
  • It does not trap or collect allergens, it simply absorbs the toxic gases and undertakes a few processes that purifies the air.
  • Releases oxygen at night! They give out oxygen at night by absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • If you are being irritated by itching in your nasal/throat pathways, coughing, or other such allergic symptoms inside your home then better get a bunch of these.


Now these plants are not expensive which makes them an easy buy. When i started suffering from breathing related issues i started to look out for ways to improve my surroundings starting from my own room  and the snake plant is one of the many i have introduced in my garden as well as my room.

Snake plants (specially Hahnii variety) can be easily be placed on your work desk. Your bedroom window sill will also make a good place for this little one. They are far far less expensive than an air purifier.

I would personally suggest everyone to keep a bunch of these not only because of their air purification capacity but also because they improve the look of your homes as they are a well known ornamental plant. Plus let us add more green into this world and into our lives.

I will have to stop here for today but let me remind you this topic is far from over. This is only the first plant i have discussed in this topic. There are many more which i would like to share.

So stay tuned for Part – 2 of this topic. Also we can never have learnt enough from our beautiful nature.

Until next time take care and – Green and let green!



[If there is anything you want me to improve then feel free to suggest. Also if you like what i share with you do follow me.]



10 thoughts on “Our Green Friends (Part – 1)

  1. Enjoyed this post. I think I will get me a couple of these snake plants. I have suffered from chronic stuffy nose for several years now. My doctors just tells me to take over the counter stuff, but nothing helps. Maybe the snake plant will. Do they require much sunlight?


    1. Good evening ACountryBoy! Snake plants grow well in the shade and rain too. But it needs some sunlight to thrive. There are many other plants that happen to purify air. Will post about them soon. Get well soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey great information. I love plants too and have a few mother-in-law tongue in my house. What I also like about them is they are easy to split and start new plants. And so far I have had luck in both sunny windows and shady area.


    1. Hello Wind Kisses! It is an interesting plant. I developed my love towards plants from an early age because my mother always has the most beautiful garden and after I developed breathing disorder I got even more attached. I found a trustworthy friend in them. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. me too. I find gardening therapeutic.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. loved this post… as a naturalist and a plant lover all my life I can’t live without green inside or outside… and plants take care of us in so many ways that humans don’t know… will be waiting for part 2

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for motivating me Sara. I will surely continue writing.


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